Policy Papers

June 2021
Democrats Push for a Public "Option"
Biden Border Crisis: Manufactured Chaos
Biden Tax Hikes Hurt American Entrepreneurs
May 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
Pitfalls of Democrats' "Free" Community College
Asylum and the Refugee Law Update
Democrats' Runaway Transit Spending
May 2021 Jobs Report
May 2021
President Biden's Budget
Democrats Would Squash Drug Innovation
RPC Interview: Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr
Biden Tax Hikes: A Plan to Put America Last
Democrats' Tax and Spend Monster
Bad Iran Deal 2: The Sequel is as Bad as the Original
To Fix America's Infrastructure, Make it Easier to Build
Waivers for Vaccine IP: Folly Masquerading as Charity
Broadband in America
April 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
Unemployment Benefits Should Not Stand in the Economy's Way
April 2021 Jobs Report
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