Policy Papers

July 2021
Democrats' Radical Climate Plans
Major Decisions by Republican-Appointee Circuit Judges
Biden Breaks Tax Pledge
June 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
Infrastructure Cybersecurity: The U.S. Electric Grid
Liberal Democrats Target Nuclear Deterrence
Medicare Advantage: High-Performing Health Coverage
Biden’s Foreign Policy Déjà Vu
Rising Prices Hit American Families
June 2021 Jobs Report
June 2021
Democrats Add Taxes to Their Fight Against American Energy
Infrastructure Cybersecurity: Pipelines
Bipartisan Successes of the 117th Congress
Democrats Push for a Public "Option"
Biden Border Crisis: Manufactured Chaos
Biden Tax Hikes Hurt American Entrepreneurs
May 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
Pitfalls of Democrats' "Free" Community College
Asylum and the Refugee Law Update
Democrats' Runaway Transit Spending
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