Policy Papers

September 2021
Building the Cybersecurity Workforce
What's Going On With Roe?
Democrats' Irresponsible Plan to Undermine Medicare
August 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
Biden's Failure in Afghanistan
Democrats Plot Tax Hikes Across Entire U.S. Economy
Democrats Hitch Climate Plans to Reckless Tax and Spend Spree
Fall 2021 Policy Calendar
August 2021 Jobs Report
August 2021
July 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
FY 2022 Budget Amendment Tracker
Medicaid Home and Community-based Services
July 2021 Jobs Report
SCOTUS Election Law Update
Threats to the U.S. in Space
2021 Infrastructure Amendment Tracker
July 2021
College Athletics: Name, Image, and Likeness Rights
Democrats' Radical Climate Plans
Major Decisions by Republican-Appointee Circuit Judges
Biden Breaks Tax Pledge
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