Policy Papers

November 2021
Big Tech Gets Bigger, Calls for Antitrust Changes Get Louder
October 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
Democrats Push Up Energy Prices
Biden's Backwards Immigration Policies
Bidenomics Hits the Holidays
Democrats' Priority: Tax Cuts for the Rich
Democrats Push Government Jobs Amid Worker Shortage
Biden's Border Crisis and His Lackluster Response
A Surge of Drugs Adds to Biden's Border Crisis
FY 2022 NDAA Amendment Tracker
October 2021
Reckless Spending on Democrats' Pet Projects
Spending to Entrench a Bloated Bureaucracy
A Universal Government Income During a Worker Shortage
September 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
SCOTUS Term Preview
Government Price Controls: A Threat to Innovation and Cures
Biden's Strategic Failures in Foreign Policy
The Coming IRS Dragnet
September 2021 Jobs Report
Fact Check on Democrats' Reckless Tax and Spend Spree
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