Policy Papers

May 2021
April 2021 Jobs Report
April 2021
Democrats' Tax Hikes Will Hurt Recovery
COVID-19 Update
Semiconductors: Key to Economic and National Security
Democrats' Student Debt Forgiveness Favors High Earners
The Democrats' Plan to Pack the Supreme Court
Biden "Infrastructure" Plan Shatters Bipartisan Tradition
S.1: Unnecessary and Unpopular
Practical and Legal Problems with D.C. Statehood
China Looks to Seize the 21st Century
Key Players in Cybersecurity
S.1 Is Not the Voting Rights Act
March 2021 Biden Border Crisis Report
March 2021 Jobs Report
Obamacare Expansion Through "COVID Relief"
March 2021
The Pro Act: Bad for Workers, Bad for Businesses
Understanding the Monthly Jobs Report
Growing the Welfare State in the Name of COVID Relief
What is Infrastructure?
Defending the Filibuster
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