Policy Papers

December 2018
Border Security by the Numbers
Medicare for All: Higher Taxes, Fewer Choices, Longer Lines
November 2018
Obamacare Alternative Gains Speed
October 2018 Jobs Report
October 2018
The Economy – Full Steam Ahead
Space Force
September 2018 Jobs Report
September 2018
Senate Republican Achievements
Policy Progress on Federal Boards & Commissions
Roaring Economy Boosts American Workers
August 2018 Jobs Report
Addressing the Opioid Crisis
Democrats Try to Block Affordable Health Insurance Options
August 2018
Judge Kavanaugh and the Constitution
More Health Insurance Options, More People Covered
Appropriations Keep Moving
Striking, Streamlining, and Simplifying Regulations
Senator Warren's Plan for a Command Economy
July 2018 Jobs Report
July 2018
Taking Action to Improve Health Care
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