September 2021
Building the Cybersecurity Workforce
August 2021
S.Conn.Res.14 – Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2022
H.R. 3684 – Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
July 2021
Infrastructure Cybersecurity: The U.S. Electric Grid
June 2021
Infrastructure Cybersecurity: Pipelines
May 2021
RPC Interview: Federal Communications Commissioner Brendan Carr
S.1260 – The United States Innovation and Competition Act
Broadband in America
April 2021
Semiconductors: Key to Economic and National Security
China Looks to Seize the 21st Century
Key Players in Cybersecurity
March 2021
One If by Land, Two If by 0 and 1
H.R.1319 – American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 – Final Text
FY21 Reconciliation Amendment Tracker
H.R.1319 – American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
January 2021
The SolarWinds Cyberattack
RPC Interview: U.S. Comptroller General Gene Dodaro on the Cybersecurity of the Nation
2021 Policy Calendar
Additional Coronavirus Response and Relief
December 2020
The Threat of Ransomware
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