March 2016
Apple and the San Bernardino Terror Attack
February 2016
A Push to Fund and Regulate Self-driving Cars
January 2016
SOTU 2016: A President Looking to His Legacy, Republicans Looking to Solutions
June 2015
Action Needed on Cybersecurity
S. 754 – Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015
March 2015
A Better Way on Tech Growth
February 2015
Obama FCC Overreaches: More Onerous Internet Regulations
January 2015
Republicans Welcome the President to the Table on Cybersecurity
December 2014
FCC Has a Full Plate at Tomorrow’s Meeting
July 2014
Republican Solutions: Technology
E-Rate Proposal Fails to Make Passing Grade
June 2014
Obama Administration Falls Behind in Cybersecurity
May 2014
Keep the Internet Open
White House Tries to Shift Surveillance Debate
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