April 2020
U.S. Supply Chain Security
Restart the Paycheck Protection Program
Aid to Families and Workers in Coronavirus Response
Update on Coronavirus Response - Phase III
March 2020
Update on Coronavirus Response - Phase II
Coronavirus Emergency Declaration
When the Fed Changes Rates
Workers Reap the Benefits of Strong American Economy
October 2018
The Economy – Full Steam Ahead
September 2018
H.R. 302 (as amended), FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018
Roaring Economy Boosts American Workers
August 2018
Vehicle for Department of Defense and Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations
July 2018
Economy and Confidence Keep Growing
U.S. Economy Keeps Surging
June 2018
Summer Update: A Record of Republican Accomplishment
Strong Economy Keeps Rolling
May 2018 Jobs Report
May 2018
U.S. Economy: Strong, Healthy, Growing
April 2018
2018 First Quarter Growth Up From 2017
Countering China and Creating Jobs: TPP 2.0
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