September 2018
H.R. 302 (as amended), FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018
Policy Progress on Federal Boards & Commissions
August 2018
Appropriations Keep Moving
Striking, Streamlining, and Simplifying Regulations
Senator Warren's Plan for a Command Economy
Vehicle for Department of Defense and Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations
July 2018
Appropriations: Restoring Regular Order
H.R. 6147 – Vehicle for Agriculture, Financial Services, Interior, and Transportation-HUD Appropriations
June 2018
Summer Update: A Record of Republican Accomplishment
H.R. 3 – Spending Cuts To Expired And Unnecessary Programs Act
H.R.5895, Minibus Appropriations (Energy-Water Development, Military Construction-Veterans Affairs, and Legislative Branch)
May 2018
Gina Haspel for CIA Director
Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State
April 2018
Democratic Leadership Blocks Good-Government Bill
A Better Nominations Process
March 2018
H.R. 1625 – Vehicle for the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018
Democrats' Deliberate Delay
February 2018
President's 2019 Budget: By the Numbers
January 2018
State of the Union Preview: First-Year Accomplishments
December 2017
The Year of the Republican Regulatory Relief
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