June 2018
Summer Update: A Record of Republican Accomplishment
H.R. 3 – Spending Cuts To Expired And Unnecessary Programs Act
H.R.5895, Minibus Appropriations (Energy-Water Development, Military Construction-Veterans Affairs, and Legislative Branch)
May 2018
Gina Haspel for CIA Director
Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State
April 2018
Democratic Leadership Blocks Good-Government Bill
A Better Nominations Process
March 2018
H.R. 1625 – Vehicle for the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018
Democrats' Deliberate Delay
February 2018
President's 2019 Budget: By the Numbers
January 2018
State of the Union Preview: First-Year Accomplishments
December 2017
The Year of the Republican Regulatory Relief
July 2017
Unprecedented Nominations Blockade
May 2017
Historic Regulatory Relief: Eliminating Obama-Era Overreach
April 2017
Alexander Acosta to be Secretary of Labor
Sonny Perdue to be Secretary of Agriculture
March 2017
15 Resolutions of Disapproval
Congressional Record of Regulatory Relief
Dan Coats to be Director of National Intelligence
Restoring the People's Voice in Regulations
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