National Security

July 2020
DHS' Role in COVID-19 Response
June 2020
S.4049 – National Defense Authorization Act for FY21
S.3985 – Just and Unifying Solutions to Invigorate Communities Everywhere (JUSTICE) Act
April 2020
National Guard Joins the Fight Against Coronavirus
Update on Coronavirus Response - Phase III
March 2020
Coronavirus Response and Defense Production Act
Coronavirus Emergency Declaration
H.R. 6172 – USA Freedom Reauthorization Act
Protecting America's Supply of Rare Earth Elements
February 2020
Border Security Status Report
FISA Reauthorization
December 2019
S.1790 – National Defense Authorization Act for FY2020
Real ID Deadline is Coming
November 2019
Iran Threat Update
Border Security Status Report
September 2019
Border Security: Walls and Enforcement Work
July 2019
Mark Esper: Nominee for Secretary of Defense
Modernizing the Nuclear Triad
June 2019
The Importance of 5G
H.R. 3401 – Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for the Border
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