October 5, 2021

Democrats' Spending in Context

Seemingly unconstrained by the guardrails of economic prudence, Democratic leaders continue to march forward on their reckless tax and spending spree. Having rammed a $2 trillion law through in March, they quickly proposed spending another $3.5 trillion. They have aspirations to raise annual discretionary spending by hundreds of billions of dollars as well. The unprecedented magnitude of their plans can be easy to lose sight of. Americans might not realize that Democrats’ $3.5 trillion boondoggle would be 67% larger than what every state spent in 2019 combined.

Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Reckless Spending Plan Bigger Than All 2019 State Budgets

 Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Reckless Spending Plan Bigger Than All 2019 State Budgets

This reckless spending spree also would dwarf previous federal spending. The combined $5.5 trillion tally of their partisan spending plans is more than the U.S. spent winning WWII. It is six and a half times the size of the 2009 Obama stimulus Democrats rammed through the last time they controlled Congress and the White House.

And it puts all Americans, who are already struggling with the inflationary effects of Democrats’ policies, on the hook to cover the bill. The $5.5 trillion price tag amounts to $16,500 from every single American, or $44,800 from every household. For the average American household, that would amount to two-thirds of their income.

It is absurd that this needs to be spelled out: $3.5 trillion is an exorbitant amount of money. It’s an unconscionable amount to put on the backs of working Americans or add to our national debt. The only people who don’t seem to grasp this are Democrats in Washington. 

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