April 2021
S.914 – Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act of 2021
Biden "Infrastructure" Plan Shatters Bipartisan Tradition
March 2021
What is Infrastructure?
H.R.1319 – American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 – Final Text
FY21 Reconciliation Amendment Tracker
Democrats' Partisan Wish List
February 2021
COVID-19 Relief Funding
January 2021
Republicans Deliver on Conservation
2021 Policy Calendar
Additional Coronavirus Response and Relief
July 2020
Update on the Coronavirus Response: HEALS Act
June 2020
S.3422 – Great American Outdoors Act
May 2020
How the Coronavirus is Affecting Agriculture
April 2020
Coronavirus Trade Restrictions
Rural Resources During the Coronavirus Emergency
Update on Coronavirus Response - Phase III
November 2019
Estimating Regulatory Savings
September 2019
Economic Boom for Inland Waterways
July 2019
Deregulation Push Continues
February 2019
Andrew Wheeler: Nominee for EPA Administrator
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