August 4, 2015

Climate Rule Worse Than We Thought

  • President Obama’s new multi-billion dollar “Clean Power Plan” will be another expensive burden on American families and a struggling economy.

  • The final rule announced on Monday is even worse than the draft rule the administration proposed 14 months ago.

  • There is bipartisan legislation in the Senate that would strike the rule.

On Monday, the Obama administration finalized another regulation – the Clean Power Plan. This rule will cost the American economy $8.4 billion every year beginning in 2030. This comes after news last week that the Obama recovery has been the worst recovery from a recession in 70 years.

Instead of focusing on real matters before Americans, the president will dispatch members of his Cabinet to champion this regulation.

Obama Plan vs Senate Plan

Final Rule Harsher than Proposed

The final rule cuts coal, which today provides about 39 percent of the country’s electricity, even more than the administration proposed in June 2014. The rule also relies heavily on renewables, which only provide five percent of energy today despite significant investments. And it eliminates the move to natural gas that created thousands of jobs across the country. This all means electricity bills will go up, and jobs will be lost.

Climate Rule Worse Than Proposed

Just the Beginning

Hillary Clinton called the carbon dioxide rule “the floor, not the ceiling.” She said, “we can and must go further.” If Democrats have their way, the CO2 rule is just the beginning. Other emissions reductions will follow – from transportation, manufacturing, buildings, and agriculture.

Democrats will not stop at coal and oil either. They will soon target natural gas. In fact, the administration demonstrated its preference to sideline natural gas in the final CO2 rule. “In the final rule, that early rush to gas is eliminated,” a White House background fact sheet stated.

The Republican Senate is already at work to protect jobs and the economy from the president’s actions. On Wednesday, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will take up Senator Capito’s legislation – S.1324, Affordable Reliable Energy Now Act. This bipartisan legislation would strike the rule and send the EPA back to the drawing board. It would also exempt states that determine the rule would harm electric rates, electric reliability, or economic growth.

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