June 6, 2013

Americans Don’t Trust Disgraced IRS to Fairly Enforce Obamacare

It has been more than a month since the American people first learned that the Internal Revenue Service unfairly targeted certain groups seeking tax-exempt status. As Congress intensifies its oversight and investigation into the IRS’s improper actions, anger all across the country is reaching an all-time high. One recent poll shows 68 percent of Americans believe the IRS targeting was purely motivated by politics, not tax policy.

Americans now doubt the self-proclaimed most transparent Administration in history can be trusted. Additional polling suggests the IRS actions have damaged people’s view about the “overall honesty and integrity” of the Obama Administration. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. It seems the closer we get to the truth, the more alarming the story becomes. 

Yesterday we learned that Fred Schindler, director of implementation and oversight at the IRS Affordable Care Act office, was placed on leave for violating government ethics rules. The IRS’s ACA office is tasked with oversight and implementation of key parts of the President’s health care law. This news is troubling because Mr. Schindler reports directly to Sarah Hall Ingram – the same person who previously led the IRS’s tax exempt office when targeting of non-profit groups, based on beliefs, began.  

Doubts are growing about the IRS’s competency to enforce a health care law that the Treasury Inspector General said contained “the largest set of tax law changes in more than 20 years.” Even the IRS’s National Taxpayer Advocate warned she was “concerned about [the IRS’s] ability to administer the new health care credits and penalty taxes in a fair and compassionate way.” 

Taxpayers will soon discover the unwelcome role a scandal plagued IRS now plays in the nation’s health care system:

  • Tax Man Cometh. The health care law mandates the IRS implement more than 40 new provisions of federal law. At the same time, the Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation estimate the health care law is a $1 trillion tax hike. Of the 21 tax increases enacted as part of the law, 12 target low and middle income taxpayers – despite President Obama’s pledge that his law would not.
  • Bloated Spending. Last year, the Obama Administration secretly transferred $500 million to the IRS to help the agency hide the law’s ballooning implementation costs. The Government Accountability Office estimates the IRS will spend approximately $881 million to implement the law through 2013. The IRS’s fiscal year 2014 budget requested a $439.6 million funding increase and a battalion of 1,954 employees to work on the health law.
  • Covert Bureaucrats. The IRS now has an Affordable Care Act office. The person assigned to head this new office is the same person who led the agency’s notorious tax-exempt office where political targeting of non-profit groups took place. But the ACA office cannot actually be found on the public IRS organizational chart. According to another report, the office “is probably some sort of cross-divisional coordinator role within IRS. Assuming it does exist on some (non-public) detailed organizational chart, it probably consists of a handful of staff directly under the Commissioner tasked with making sure all the different parts of [the health care law] that the IRS has to implement fit together.”
  • Health Care Information. Since the IRS assesses a tax for each month a person fails to maintain government-approved health insurance, the agency must collect a tremendous amount of data from insurance companies in order to track and monitor compliance. Americans will have to file complicated tax forms to prove to the IRS that they actually bought a health insurance plan.

The IRS is an agency run amuck. When the scandal broke, top Obama political advisor David Axelrod tried to sweep it under the rug, saying, “Part of being President is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.” That is how President Obama explains his failure to check the rampant misconduct taking place on his watch, despite at least 157 visits by the IRS Commissioner to the White House. 

The bottom line is that the Obama Administration has broken faith with the American people. IRS thugs targeted conservative organizations that disagree with President Obama’s political agenda. Now the American people are expected to believe a power hungry IRS can competently and impartially enforce a massive new health care law?

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