January 10, 2017

Tradition of Confirming the Cabinet

  • President-elect Trump’s Cabinet nominees are following the traditions of their respective committees.
  • The Senate has a tradition of confirming the Cabinet expeditiously.
  • President-elect Trump’s nominees are moving forward with hearings this week and toward confirmation beginning January 20.

The Senate has a tradition of confirming a president’s Cabinet expeditiously. Particular deference is paid to a new president’s team. The president-elect’s Cabinet nominees are following the rules and providing the appropriate paperwork to their respective Senate committees. They have met with Senators. The next step is to have hearings. Senate Democrats’ efforts to frustrate the process, and in some cases oppose nominees already, is not grounded in any real merit. In 2009, the Senate confirmed seven Cabinet nominees on President Obama’s first day. Almost the entire Cabinet was in place in less than two weeks. 

 The Senate begins hearings on Cabinet nominees this week. Additional hearings will be scheduled.


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