November 4, 2021

Democrats Push Government Jobs Amid Worker Shortage

In Democrats’ reckless tax and spend spree, they have embedded billions of dollars to create a “Civilian Climate Corps” – a massive Green New Deal government jobs program. Amidst a worker shortage that has small businesses scrambling to keep their doors open, progressives are demanding the federal government hire hundreds of thousands of green activists to “combat” climate change and provide a boon for big labor.

Their model is the Depression-era programs created nearly a century ago when the unemployment rate exceeded 20%. In contrast, today, there are 10.4 million open jobs across the country. The U.S. labor force also has about 4.3 million fewer workers compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Democrats Ignore Worker Shortage, Add Government Jobs for Climate Activists

Democrats See a Worker Shortage and Add More Government Jobs

Their proposal spends $6.9 billion on “national service in support of climate resilience and mitigation.” According to the new White House framework, it will “create a new Civilian Climate Corps … with over 300,000 members.” It also includes billions more to support climate-related job training programs and “resiliency or restoration” projects. In a previous version of the CCC plan, people enlisting in the corps would get free housing, food, transportation, and clothing, as well as money to cover education costs.

American businesses are struggling to manage the effects of rising inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, and missing workers. Democrats’ “solution” to this problem is to spend taxpayer dollars to further crowd out private sector employment in favor of more activist bureaucrats.

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