January 10, 2019

Democrats Mislead Americans on Border Security


  • The border barrier is an effective mechanism for border control when combined with deployed personnel and technology.
  • Deeply misleading statements by leading Democrats are poisoning the debate on the border barrier.
  • Democrats now oppose a border barrier by claiming it will not work, despite their past support and evidence to the contrary. 

Congressional Democrats continue to mislead the public regarding President Trump’s request for border security. Consider the facts when hearing these five myths:    

myth #1: Walls do not work

FACT: Walls do work and are very effective.

Beginning in the early 1990s, we have built barriers in four sectors at our southern border. Since each was built, those sectors have seen massive drops in apprehensions of people crossing the border illegally.  

Border Security

myth #2: Democrats are for border security other than the wall

FACT: Democrats have opposed border security measures other than a physical barrier, and they oppose fixing the loopholes in our immigration system that serve as magnets for illegal immigration.

Democrats oppose fixing the unintended consequences of the Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act, a 2008 law that provides incentives for human smugglers to bring children to America illegally. They oppose a fix today and opposed reforming it in 2014, when CNN identified it as one cause of the border crisis.

Democrats also oppose fixing the Flores consent decree, an agreement by the Clinton administration that creates more incentives for human smugglers to bring children across the border.

Democrats oppose more beds for detention of illegal immigrants.


myth #3: the Department of Homeland Security has not spent its current funds for the wall

FACT: DHS has signed contracts obligating $928 million out of $1.4 billion appropriated last year toward new and improved barriers on the southern border. Additional contracts were set to be completed before Democrats chose to shut down the government. Democrats know the money is already committed under these legally binding contracts. For additional wall construction, more funds are needed.

Politifact rated the claim that DHS has not spent its current wall funding as mostly false.

myth #4: Border patrol does not want a wall

FACT: After the president was sworn into office, he gave Customs and Border Protection and the Border Patrol one year to determine our needs on the southern border. CBP submitted a 10-year plan in January 2018 for 722 new miles of border wall as part of an overall system of border control that includes personnel and technology already deployed.

President Obama’s Border Patrol chief has said that he supports a wall. The current commissioner of CBP, who was deputy commissioner under President Obama, also has testified to the need for a wall on our southern border.

myth #5: Democrats have moral objections to a border wall

FACT: Democrats have been supportive of walls and other physical barriers as a part of border security in the past. Their absolutist opposition to any form of border security barrier is a very recent phenomenon.

In 2006, Senators Schumer, Feinstein, and other Democrats supported the Secure Fence Act. It provided 700 miles of barriers, including wall, fence, and vehicle barriers.

In 2013, all Democrat senators supported S. 744, the Gang of 8 immigration bill, which called for 700 miles of pedestrian fencing and replacement of all vehicle barriers with fence or wall.

In February 2018, 46 Democrat senators supported providing $25 billion for border wall in exchange for legal status for “Dreamers.”

In June of last year, 10 of the 15 Democrats on the Senate Appropriations Committee voted in favor of the fiscal year 2019 DHS appropriations bill, which included $1.6 billion for a border wall. It has not been brought up on the floor of the Senate.

Democrats have not been able to explain why the first 700 miles of border barrier were fine, but the 701st mile is suddenly immoral. When asked about the difference between Democrat support for past barriers and opposition to today’s barriers, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer conceded, “I don’t have an answer that I think is a really good answer.”

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