Policy Papers

March 2019
USMCA: Where Things Stand
Progress Continues on Judicial Confirmations
Medicare for None: No Options, No Choice
H.R. 1: Federalizing Elections and Chilling Speech
February 2019 Jobs Report
Green New Deal: Nonsense on Stilts
February 2019
INF Treaty - Russian Cheating and American Suspension
Andrew Wheeler: Nominee for EPA Administrator
Crises Mount in Venezuela
William Barr: Nominee for Attorney General
January 2019 Jobs Report
January 2019
Keeping Up the Fight on Nominations
Democrats Mislead Americans on Border Security
2019 Policy Calendar
December 2018 Jobs Report
December 2018
Green New Deal: A Crazy, Expensive Mess
November 2018 Jobs Report
Border Security by the Numbers
Medicare for All: Higher Taxes, Fewer Choices, Longer Lines
November 2018
Obamacare Alternative Gains Speed
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