Health Care

October 2019
The Pelosi Drug Plan: Negotiation in Name Only
September 2019
Investing in Americans' Health at the NIH
Democrats Try to Curb Health Care Coverage
August 2019
Myth vs. Fact on "Medicare for All"
July 2019
Balancing Drug Innovation and Marketing Competition
June 2019
Key Players in the Prescription Drug Market
May 2019
Medicare Part D: The Noninterference Clause
Status of Social Security
April 2019
Dems Target Affordable Health Care Again
March 2019
Medicare for None: No Options, No Choice
December 2018
Medicare for All: Higher Taxes, Fewer Choices, Longer Lines
November 2018
Obamacare Alternative Gains Speed
October 2018
S.J. Res. 63 – Disapproval of Short-Term Limited Duration Insurance Rule
H.R. 6 – Support for Patients and Communities Act
September 2018
H.R. 302 (as amended), FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018
S. 2554 – Patient Right to Know Drug Prices Act
Senate Amendment to H.R. 6, The Opioid Crisis Response Act of 2018
Addressing the Opioid Crisis
Democrats Try to Block Affordable Health Insurance Options
August 2018
More Health Insurance Options, More People Covered
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