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The President's Budget Blueprint

The president’s budget blueprint includes $603 billion for regular defense spending in fiscal year 2018. Nondefense discretionary spending totals $462 billion. These 2018 totals represent a $54 billion increase in regular defense funding and a $54 billion decrease in nondefense funding. The budget submission also includes a fiscal year 2017 supplemental request. It would increase base funding at the Department of Defense by $25 billion and provide $5.1 billion in additional OCO funding.


Debt Limit is Back, Time for Reforms

The debt limit comes back into effect on March 16. The Treasury Department can delay the deadline for action until sometime in the fall. Republicans have a rare opportunity to enact budget reform that will change the trajectory of Washington’s future spending.


Dan Coats to be Director of National Intelligence

Dan Coats served his country in the Army, in the House of Representatives, and as ambassador to Germany. As a Senator, he was a member of the Armed Services and Intelligence committees. He has now answered the call again, to serve as the director of national intelligence.


A Down Payment on Health Reform

The House plan repeals Obamacare’s tax increases, subsidies, penalties, mandates, and Medicaid expansion. This step forward will not be the end of the repeal and replace strategy, but it will start to bring Americans relief from the collapsing Obamacare system.


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