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Senate Democrats Embarrassingly Ineffective

Majority Votes On Only 7 out of 676 of Their Own Amendments

May 21, 2014

“As far as an open amendment process, I think that was then and we are here now.”Sen. Harry Reid, 11/18/13

Senate Democrats have introduced 676 amendments to bills on the floor since last July — 669 were blocked, and only seven got roll call votes. In speeches and press releases, Democrat Senators talk up the importance of these amendments to their constituents. But Senate Democrats have been embarrassingly ineffective in securing votes for their own important amendments.

Seven roll call votes on Democrat amendments

(7/23/13 – 5/21/14)

Seven roll call votes on Democrat amendments

“We should allow amendments that are relevant or germane to the extenders.”  – Sen. Chuck Schumer, 5/15/14

“I think we should vote on amendments. I think that’s part of why we’re here.”Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, 5/16/14