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[policy_paper]State of the Highway Trust Fund
[policy_paper]Highway Trust Fund Going Broke
[policy_paper]Six Appropriations Amendments in Two Fiscal Years
[leg_notice]Legislative Notice: H.R. 3474 – Vehicle for the Tax Extenders Package
[policy_paper]Partisan Transportation Policy, Only from Obama
[policy_paper]Earned Income Tax Credit Can Help but not Obama's Way
[policy_paper]Tax Day
[leg_notice]Legislative Notice: Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013/Pathway for SGR Reform Act of 2013
[policy_paper]Ending Democrats’ Drive for More Debt
[press_release]Barrasso Op-Ed: The Healing Powers of Pencil Pushers
[policy_paper]Democrats’ Ideas on the Sequester: More Taxes
[press_release]Barrasso Op-Ed: Tax Code's 100th Birthday Is Cause For Reform—Not Celebration
[policy_paper]Democrats Target Family Farms for Death Taxes
[press_video]Barrasso: Stop the Avalanche of Tax Increases Before Fiscal Cliff
[press_release]Barrasso Op-Ed: It's Time To End The Double Taxation On American Business
[policy_paper]Democrats Steer America Toward a “Fiscal Cliff”
[policy_paper]Territorial vs. Worldwide Taxation
[policy_paper]Obama on the Deficit: Gimmicks Not Solutions
[policy_paper]Fix Fiscal Cliff, Then Solve Spending
[policy_paper]Democrats Bring Back Death Tax: Small Businesses and Family Farms Crushed