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[policy_paper]Paycheck Fairness Act: A Democrat Campaign Stunt
[policy_paper]Consistent Warnings against a Minimum Wage Hike
[policy_paper]March 2014 Unemployment Report
[leg_notice]H.R. 3979 – Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014
[policy_paper]Minimum Wage Increase Is Bad for Jobs
[policy_paper]Job Growth Remains Sluggish
[policy_paper]February 2014 Jobs Report
[policy_paper]Democrats’ One-Two Economic Punch
[policy_paper]Another Disappointing Jobs Report
[policy_paper]January 2014 Jobs Report
[policy_paper]Worst Monthly Jobs Gain in Three Years
[policy_paper]December 2013 Unemployment Report
[policy_paper]Job Creation Is the Best Solution for Unemployed Americans
[policy_paper]December 2013: Policy by the Numbers
[policy_paper]November 2013 Unemployment
[policy_paper]Democrats’ Minimum Wage Gimmicks Cost Jobs
[policy_paper]Labor Force Participation Hits 35-Year Low
[policy_paper]October 2013 Unemployment
[leg_notice]Legislative Notice: S. 815 – Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013
[policy_paper]August 2013 Unemployment Report