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[policy_paper]Working Again for the American People
[policy_paper]Abusing the Lame Duck
[policy_paper]Obama Ignores the Law and the American People
[policy_paper]Supreme Court Takes on Obamacare Again
[policy_paper]Democrats’ Political Stunt to Mislead Voters
[policy_paper]Leader Reid Goes to Historic Lengths to Block Republican Amendments
[policy_paper]Supreme Court Reins in the Obama Administration
[policy_paper]Supreme Court Update
[policy_paper]Supreme Court Rebukes Obama Appointments
[policy_paper]Supreme Court Update
[policy_paper]Supreme Court Update
[policy_paper]Shutting Up Free Speech
[policy_paper]Senate Democrats Embarrassingly Ineffective
[policy_paper]White House Tries to Shift Surveillance Debate
[policy_paper]Court Broadens Freedom of Political Speech
[policy_paper]Americans Don’t Trust IRS to Regulate Political Speech
[policy_paper]Court Questions President’s Recess Appointments
[policy_paper]Dems’ Filibuster Fraud
[policy_paper]The Fundamental Shift in Senate Operation
[policy_paper]Reid: Breaking Promises and Grabbing Power