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Health Care

[policy_paper]Obamacare at Five: Higher Costs, Less Freedom
[policy_paper]Social Security Disability Insurance Is Failing
[policy_paper]Obamacare SCOTUS Ruling Looms
[policy_paper]Supreme Court Hears King v. Burwell
[policy_paper]More Obamacare Incompetence
[policy_paper]Obamacare’s Co-op Debacle
[policy_paper]Obamacare Expanded Medicaid, Not Private Insurance
[policy_paper]House Bills Coming to the Senate
[policy_paper]Ending Obamacare’s 30-Hour Work Week
[policy_paper]The High Stakes in King v. Burwell
[policy_paper]Administration Puts Enrollees at Risk
[policy_paper]Obamacare Bad for People, Good for Insurers
[policy_paper]End Obamacare’s Insurance Company Bailout
[policy_paper]Obamacare Architect Confirms Obamacare Deceit
[policy_paper]Obamacare Premiums Increase Again
[policy_paper]Supreme Court Takes on Obamacare Again
[policy_paper]Obamacare Causing Major Harm in North Carolina
[policy_paper]Obamacare’s Problematic Subsidies
[policy_paper]Obamacare Unleashes IRS on Americans
[policy_paper]GAO: Still a Security Risk