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[policy_paper]Federal District Court Blocks Water Rule
[policy_paper]Climate Rule Worse Than We Thought
[policy_paper]Lift Sanctions on American Oil
[policy_paper]Michigan v. EPA: Costs and Benefits Matter
[policy_paper]EPA CO2 Rule Raises Rates, Harms Economy
[policy_paper]Water Rule Is Another Washington Power Grab
[policy_paper]EPA CO2 Rule Threatens Electric Reliability
[policy_paper]Legal Challenges to EPA Regulating CO2 Begin
[policy_paper]States Should Reject EPA’s Power Plant Rule
[policy_paper]Regulatory Reform Can Keep Oil Prices Low
[policy_paper]Approve Keystone XL; Make the Senate Work
[policy_paper]Obama Unleashes Most Expensive Regulation Ever
[policy_paper]Democrats Block Keystone XL Pipeline Again
[policy_paper]American Energy Underwrites Foreign Policy
[policy_paper]Democrats’ Electricity Tax: All Pain, No Gain
[policy_paper]Energy Nominations after Reid Broke the Rules
[leg_notice]S. 2363 – Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2014
[policy_paper]Obama/Reid Obstruction Crushes Landrieu “Clout” on Keystone
[policy_paper]Democrats’ National Energy Tax: Costing Jobs and Squeezing the Middle-Class
[policy_paper]Republican Solutions: Energy