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[leg_notice]S. 1123 – USA FREEDOM Act
[leg_notice]S. 1357 – Reauthorization of Three Expiring FISA Provisions
[policy_paper]Six Myths About the NSA Metadata Program
[policy_paper]National Security Benefits of Trade Promotion Authority
[policy_paper]A Review Timeline for Iran Nuclear Deal
[leg_notice]Legislative Notice: S. 615 – Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act
[policy_paper]Americans Deserve a Say on Iran Deal
[policy_paper]Ten Questions on Iran “Framework”
[policy_paper]Iran Deal Needs Senate Review, Not Just UN Blessing
[policy_paper]Congress Welcomes Prime Minister Netanyahu
[policy_paper] A Not-So Happy Sixth Birthday, Russia Reset
[policy_paper]House Bills Coming to the Senate
[policy_paper]Closing Out the 113th Congress
[leg_notice]Legislative Notice: H.R. 3979 – Fiscal Year 2015 Defense Authorization Act
[policy_paper]Congress Must Strengthen Iran Sanctions
[policy_paper]Defense Authorization Needs an Open Process
[policy_paper]Obama ISIS Strategy Speech: Good, Bad, and Ugly
[policy_paper]A Strategy to Respond to ISIS
[policy_paper]Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Decision
[leg_notice]H.R. 3230 – Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act